I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California San Diego based in the Center for Visual Computing and the Department of Music. I do research in computational acoustics, and I teach courses in computer music. I am especially interested in applications of acoustic simulation in audio technology and hearing science. My Ph.D. is co-advised by Albert Chern in Computer Science and Miller Puckette in Music. In addition to my academic experience, I have worked for Reality Labs Research at Meta, Moog Music, Applied Research in Acoustics, and Lofelt. In these roles, I did research and software development for spatial audio devices, sound synthesizers, sonar systems, and gaming headphones. Prior to my Ph.D., I studied physics at Edinburgh, Wake Forest, and BYU, with concentrations in acoustics, optics, and biophysics, respectively. Additionally, I tutored college and high school students in math and physics. Originally from Los Angeles, I now live in San Diego with my wife and three daughters.

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